Tuesday, August 21, 2012

CSS for Safari 6

It's been a while since Safari 6 went out. If you've recently upgraded to Safari 6 and was wondering where the "Appearance" tab went, well, it's no longer there. And since it's gone, I can't take a screenshot. You could look at other photos online. I'm not a fan of this preference pane disappearing since I don't like the font sizes on lower resolution screens like this Macbook Pro I'm currently using. The default fonts and sizes are much better on the Air. To fix this problem, make a css file like so:

You could, of course, change the font-family and size to anything else you prefer. "Octicon Regular is for Github (which also happens to host the above snippet). Then under the "Advanced" preference pane of Safari, load up that file. If you are clever, you can place the file in your Dropbox folder and have it accessible everywhere.

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