Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tagging Contacts In Address Book

There is no native support for tagging in OSX and iOS Address Book but there is a way to actually do some tagging so you can get rid of folders completely.

Note: Though the screen shots are in iOS, you can also do the same thing in OSX Address Book

Step 1: Add a new field to the contact 

Step 2: Select Job Title

Step 3: Fill in the Job Title with the tags you need. 

START THE TAG WITH DASHES. The dash is not needed but it will help with searching short tags like "CS" which could be contained within names. This will aid in searching. 

Job Title is chosen because it's one of the few fields where indexing is done but is likely to be less bothersome if filled with tags instead of the actual thing. It'd be very annoying if this was done in the Nickname field. 


Step 4: Test the search function

There you have it. Tagging in OSX/iOS Address Book. You are still free to add a proper Job Title if you want. You can just append the tags at the end.

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