Sunday, September 2, 2012

Phuket Trip 2012

Destination: Phuket

We decided that this time around, we'll spend this vacation focusing on relaxation rather than spending most of the time moving from one place to another seeking to cover as much tourist places as possible.

The ultimate destination.

First Stop: Phuket Fantasea

Our first stop Phuket Fantasea (WARNING: Link has loud blaring music. Disable music through link at upper right). This place is something that a tourist should visit AT MOST once. The theatre show was most enjoyable but since photography was not allowed, I won't be able to show you some pictures. There were plenty of idiots taking pictures which ruined some moments though. The show itself featured a lot of animals, mostly elephants. The elephants looked like they were in good health and didn't show scarring from mahout's hooks. This matters to me. 

The fish were killing each other for food.

This is the theatre entrance.

This looked like the villain from Saw.

The main buffet hall.

One of the toilets was interesting. Those bulls will watch you while you pee.

This is the sink and yes, the water comes out of the buffalo's nose.

The rest of the theme park was mostly focused on selling you stuff. So it's not too important to me. The show and buffet does make up for the price so it was well worth it.

Second Stop: Patong Beach

There were plenty of shops and bars lining Patong Beach that would probably strike your fancy, whether you be a guy, a gal or somewhere in between. However, this day was scheduled as a "do whatever day" and we figured that the best way to spend a "whatever day" was to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. It was awesome.

A lot of dogs doing what humans would do. Frolicking on the beach or just lounging around.

"I demand that you lessen these waves, ocean!"

Slept a whole lot on this cot.

It's a beach. So dinner was seafood of course. I'm slightly allergic to crustaceans but since I was in a good mood, I thought "what the hell" and ate half a lobster. I ate fish for the rest of the meal... because. 


Third Stop: Island Hopping and Snorkeling

This was one of those trips that were memorable but not quite enjoyable. Halfway during the boat ride, my girlfriend started feeling dizzy and wanted a bit of water. It wasn't your normal mineral water in a bottle. It came in a cup (pay attention, this is important). 

She started throwing up at one of the islands and a lot more WHILE snorkeling. The fish found this very amusing and entertaining and they crowded all around her. The other people swimming with us weren't entertained as much. Certainly, my girlfriend seemed to agree that it wasn't entertaining. I wasn't too sure. 

Leaving one of the islands.

Before throwing up.

After throwing up. (Fish were still following her).

At dinner, I decided to drink the same water she was drinking (a different cup but still the same brand). This was a costly mistake. 

I hardly knew ye.


Fantasea show is recommended if you are here for the first time. This was an enjoyable trip overall and if I ever did visit Phuket again, I'd most likely skip Fantasea and go right to relaxing on a beach, preferably Khai beach. It was undoubtedly the prettiest little island I've been to so far (not saying much since I haven't been to a lot of places). Nonetheless, I wouldn't disagree to just lounging around on Patong beach. This might not be the prettiest out there but it's certainly convenient and quite relaxing. 

Also, stay away from this.

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